Dear art lover, welcome to my website !

Art is my passion and it started for me at a very young age. As a little girl, I loved drawing and copying comics. Soon I was sent to art school and reproducing pictures and images was what I loved most. In High School, I followed art education at the Sint Lucas Artschool in Antwerp. Besides art, science became my second passion. This combination is what restoration-conservation is all about so going to the University of Antwerp was a logical next step. I completed my bachelor of Arts in Conservation – Restoration in 2015 and specialised in the conservation of paintings. In my master year , I specialised in preventive conservation and added an internship at the Fine Arts Museum in Brussels to my résumé. During my studies I had the opportunity to work in the Auction house Amberes in Antwerp. This was a nice way to practice my theoretical knowledge.

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After finishing my college education, things are about to get started. I started realizing my dreams. In 2016 I completed an international internship at the “Centre régional de restauration et de conservation des oeuvres d’art de Franche Comte“. This was a practical internship so I went back to where it all started. Although I am specialised in paintings, I also learned to treat wooden sculptures and gilded frames. A next step in realizing my dreams was doing an internship at the Royal Fine Arts Museum of Antwerp whereafter I got a temporary contract. In 2018 I realised a project for the Phoebus Foundation, that was exhibited on the exposition 'Foxes'. 

In my projects, you will see some of the art objects that I restored in the past. You can also find other art projects I have done. 


If you have a work of art that needs my specialised care, feel free to contact me for more information.

Katia Royer