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Art isn't paint, it's love

When did my love for art start? Actually, I think it has always been there. As a little girl, I loved drawing and copying comics. Having done numerous art schools in my educational career, such as Sint Lucas Art School and a study of Arts in Conservation – Restoration at the University of Antwerp, I gained both theoretical as practical knowledge. 

Now that my college educations are finished, I started realizing my dreams. First, I started working at a more regular job, but I missed my passion of art, so now I decided to take things in my own hands and to do what I love.   

Expertise is just the beginning...

Many people would define me as a perfectionist. I want to make it perfect in every detail, this is also very important when you are restoring or conserving. In my study and internships, I learned a lot about many materials (paint, ink, supports, …). Based on the experience I gained, I am now experimenting with it to create my own style and artistic style. My own expertise is just beginning. 

In the works I have recently made, I wanted to let go of the perfectionist a bit and dare to be raw and abstract. Being a perfectionist was breaking me to put things on paper and after I realised it would be better to see what I could do in an abstract manner I rediscovered my creativity. 

Setting a flow of creativity free

This upcoming period I will continue to experiment with different paints, inks, different layers and materials. Also I want to gain insights based on feedback from my customers what they think of my work and how I can play with their opinions and my own creativity. 

Furthermore, I also get inspired in my work at FileMaker. Here I use my education to design apps, work on the colour keys and use my knowledge in classical arts to create balanced apps which are both easy in looks as a candy for the eye. 

And when my head is full, you can find me or in my art-studio or sailing in the Snipe class. 
‌That is when my creativity flows at best.

— Katia Royer
Artist & Restorer

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